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Precision Machining

Five Axis Milling

Magnus Hi-Tech has the latest CNC 5 axis milling


CNC Milling

Here at Magnus Hi-Tech we strive to provide our customers with the best CNC milling services.


We have the latest LATHE technology.


In stark contrast to its early days as a purely sheet metal shop, Magnus has quickly become an all-encompassing fab shop with extensive machining capabilities. Constant progression has led the machining department from manual machining and card-reading NC controllers, to full CAD/CAM integration, multi-axis ability, in-machine inspection capabilities, and modern advances in tooling that have tripled feed rates. A large variety of CNC equipment means part size can vary from smaller than a dime to over 25 feet long. Capabilities include manual and CNC milling, manual and CNC turning, and plunge Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). Highly advanced equipment, engineered tooling, continually improving quality control and Lean methods, and a new climate-controlled facility all lead to Magnus' ability to maintain highly precise tolerances on a wide variety of materials.